We at Smile 4 You provide all cosmetic dental treatments for improving your appearance

Cosmetic / Aesthetic Dentistry includes correction / alteration of shape, shade, size etc of the teeth and gums to match with features of the face after  evaluating the defects or imperfections or inadequacies in smile and thereby  achieving a pleasing smile. An attractive and pleasing smile will help make a great impression – both in your personal and professional life.


Is a process whereby the complete oral hard and soft tissues are studied and evaluated and certain changes are brought  about which will have a positive influence on  the overall aesthetics of the face. Alterations are made on teeth and gums by ceramic fixtures, laser applications, orthodontic procedures or minor surgical procedures.

Dr.Sadiq Ali, MDS Prosthodontics, evaluates and plans the corrections needed to improve your smile.

We have well equipped acrylic lab and expert technicians. All the denture works are managed in our own lab.

Ceramic crowns or veneers we deliver is personally designed and guided by Dr. Sadiq Ali and are made by master technicians of reputed dental labs. So you get an unmatched quality dental fixtures crafted by the best people in the field.