Dental Laser at Manjeri

We at Smile 4 You provide all dental laser treatments inside the mouth

We introduced dental laser at Manjeri in Malappuram District in 2013.  Smile 4 You is the pioneer in Malappuram District to have LASER Technology in Dental Care.

Laser in dentistry help the dentists to perform a wide variety of dental procedures they otherwise may not be capable of performing. LASER has several uses and applications in dentistry. Use of laser enhances the result of several common dental treatments.

Some of the applications of Laser

Teeth Whitening

Un-esthetic yellow colored teeth are corrected to more appealing color

Gum colour correction

Black color of gums corrected to more attractive pink color.

Crown lengthening procedures

Reshaping gums and increasing apparent size of front teeth with ceramics for improving appearance.


Reshaping gums of front teeth for improving appearance.

Laser frenectomy

Laser treatment for tongue ties-thickly and highly attached frenum of tongue.


Removal of gum over wisdom tooth to relieve pain and infection

Excision of pyogenic granuloma

Unlike excision with a scalpel blade, there is no bleeding and no need of suturing

Tumour removal

Laser can be used for removing small tumours and other growths

Laser assisted RCT

Ensures bacteria removal and hence improve results after root canal treatment.

Other applications:

  • Gingivectomy: Reduction of size of gums. Soft tissue tuberosity reductions.
  • Ablation of lesions.
  • Mouth ulcers: Immediate pain relief from mouth ulcers
  • Incisional and excisional biopsies.
  • Removal of soft tissue folds often caused by ill-fitting dentures.

Advantages of Laser:

  • Can avoid using blade for incision.
  • Less or no post-surgical pain.
  • Minimal swelling and scarring .
  • Fast recovery after surgical procedures
  • Bloodless surgical and post-surgical course,
  • Minimal or no suturing needed.

Most of the doctors here are trained in Laser dentistry

Dr. Sadiq Ali
Dr. Ajay Haridas
Dr. Ajesh