We have all the essential and advanced equipments needed to provide a world class dental treatment

Laser Machine: We have Cheese 10 W diode laser system capable of performing all the modern laser dental treatments.


Centralised fluid Suction system from  Durr Dental Germany

W&H – Nobel Biocare Physio dispenser for Implant surgery


Nobel Biocare Implant surgical kit

Genoray handheld low radiation DC X-ray unit

20190121_184934 - Copy

RVG: Digital X-ray imaging sensor. No need for films and developing. Less radiation. Instant viewing on computer screen

Class-B Autoclave which is the most efficient autoclave for sterilization

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Pressure cooker autoclave, Boiling water sterilizer, Water distiller and Autoclave pouch

3M ESPE Pentamix impression mixer for making rubber base impressions for dentures and fixed crowns and bridges


Dentsply Endomotor for endodontic treatment ( Root canal)