Sterlization and Disinfection


Sterilisation is the process by which an article, surface or medium is freed of all microorganisms, either in vegetative or spore state

Disinfection is the destruction of all pathogenic organisms, or organisms capable of giving rise to an infection

Pervasive increases in serious transmissible diseases over the last few decades have created global concern for dental patients and the clinic staff. Proper infection control will provide a safe environment for both patient and the clinic staff

We have an infection control policy which is tailored to the routines of our style of practice and it is regularly updated. We have taken all possible measures for ensuring a sterile environment in our clinic. 


We use Class-B autoclave ,boiling water sterilizer, pressure cooker type autoclave,  chemical disinfectants etc  for sterilizing and disinfecting all surgical instruments, plastic appliances and small dental instruments appropriately.

We have a centralised suction system by Durr Dental, Germany, which evacuates the fluids from oral cavity during procedures and drains it to liquid waste management system.